Contains common params for all connection types


By default is not defined.

Specifies whether accel-ppp should control sessions count. If this option is absent session count control is turned off. If this option is replace then accel-ppp will terminate first session when second is authorized. If this option is deny then accel-ppp will deny second session authorization.


By default is sid-case=lower

Specifies in which case generate session identifier (attribute Acct-Session-Id).


By default sid-source=urandom

Specifies method assign session id.

  • urandom - assign session id by random method

  • seq - assign session id by sequence method


By default is seq-file=/var/lib/accel-ppp/seq

Path to file for sessions sequence number. Start sequence number may be set there (default /var/lib/accel-ppp/seq).


By default is disabled max-sessions=0

Specifies maximum sessions which server may processed. After reaching max-sessions accel-ppp will ignore connection tries for new sessions.


By default is disabled max-starting=0

Specifies maximum concurrent session attempts which server may processed.


y default is: check-ip=0

Specifies whether accel-ppp should check if IP already assigned to other ppp or ipoe interface.


By default: netns-run-dir=/var/run/netns

Specifies path where accel-ppp should find netns objects