Section [modules] contains list of modules to load.


There exist order which define modules priority e.g. If ippool module will defined before radius, then ip-addresses always will assigned from [ip-pool], and Framed-IP-Adresse recived from radius server will be ignored.

  • log_file - logging target which logs messages to files. It support per-session/per-user features.

  • log_syslog - logging target which logs messages to syslog.

  • log_tcp - logging target which logs messages over TCP/IP.

  • log_pgsql - logging target which logs messages to PostgreSQL.

  • pptp - PPTP controlling connection handling module.

  • pppoe - PPPoE discovery stage handling module.

  • ipoe - DHCP and unclassified packet connection handling module.

  • l2tp - L2TP controlling connection handling module.

  • sstp - SSTP controlling connection handling module.

  • auth_pap - PAP authentication module.

  • auth_chap_md5 - CHAP (md5) authentication module.

  • auth_mschap_v1 -Microsoft CHAP (version 1) authentication module.

  • auth_mschap_v2 - Microsoft CHAP (version 2) authentication module.

  • radius - RADIUS interaction module.

  • chap-secrets - module authentication from file.

  • shaper - this module controls shaper.

  • ippool - IPv4 address assigning module.

  • ipv6_nd - IPv6 Neighbor Discovery module.

  • ipv6_dhcp - IPv6 DHCP module.

  • ipv6pool - IPv6 address assigning module.

  • sigchld - Helper module to manage child processes, required by pppd_compat.

  • pppd_compat - this module starts pppd compatible ip-up/ip-down scripts and ip-change to handle RADIUS CoA request.

  • connlimit - this module limits connection rate from single source.


Can’t change with reload, for apply changes need daemon restart with drop active sessions.